Friday, June 17, 2011

the beginning of summer '11

Drive in Movies!!!
 So its always been on my bucket list to go to a drive in movie! Ive been when I was little but I really dont remember it very much I think we watch the movie The Mask with Jim Carrey..... not sure.  Any ways so this summer there is a list of things I want to do and at the very top movie night.   So me and my girls went last weekend up to Salt Lake. Got the pick up truck and all the blankets and pillows,treats and drinks we would need to watch TWO MOVIES!  We were all so excited we could not contain our bursting amounts of happiness.  The movies we chose to see were X-man and 4th Pirates of the Caribbean! I was thrilled and excited to see Captn' Jack on the big screen again.  Weather was on our side we thought as we pulled into the drive in. clear skys and a beautiful sun set, waiting anxiously for it to be dark so the movie could start.  One by one each screen began to play their own movies five other screens played many different movies.  Finally ours began and cheers of antisipated excitement came from our lips.  All seated comfy in our blankets we watched all the previews.  All of a sudden.... drip drip  drop.  I looked up into the sky and out of no where dark storms began to form... NOOOO this could not be happening, cant possibly rain out our perfect night of movies.  Lightning striked and thunder rolled across the sky.  Luckly the movie played on and we covered our heads with blankets to not get wet. Luckly  it only lasted for a few moments and blew over us and we were able to enjoy the rest of the movie........  but i guess things were not going to go our way sadly.  about half way through the movie out of no where our volume in our truck went dead.  Your kidding me right!!  THE CAR DIED!  FOR REALS! we still had one more movie to watch what were we going to do?  So we sat there and contiplated what to do thought we could ask some one to jump us inbetween movies and we would just listen closly to the cars around us.  One movie down, a car to jump and one more movie to watch. I asked the guy next to us if he could jump our truck and of course he said he could.  after a few to many tries finally the car fired up and ran like a charm!!! yeah for us!!!  So the guy told us that every once and while go back and turn the car on so the battery can recharge and last longer.  So now you would think that our worries were gone right........ WRONG. so apparently when the car battery dies and gets jump on again it locks the radio so you cant turn it on! REALLY THATS DUMB!  so by the time we realized this pirates had already started.  So I tried for 25 mins of the movie to get the radio to work reading through the whole owners manual.  Couldnt find a thing.  It said you needed a special code. And by that time I was just so frusterated I didnt even want to finish the movie, i just wanted to go home.  So we packed up the car and drove away.  Half way down the road my friend said to me did you check the front of the book for the code. and of course sure enough there it was.  so i tried the code and the radio turned on.  we sat there for a minute and decided to go back and finised the movie.  drove in the exit and parked in our spot again.  So Through this whole thing I didn't get to see any of Pirates and I was kinda upset.  But I can go see it again.  But what a night something we wont forget and will look back on years from now and laugh.  Stay tune to the rest of my summer adventures this year.  They might just get more exciting!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Home is not a place you really appriciate until its gone...... or you have moved away.

     Since I was a young teenager I've always dreamed of what it would be like to be in my own apartment, my own place.  When I graduated Highschool thats what I was most excited to do! I did wait about a year after graduating to move out.  Kinda had to get on my feet first and decided what I wanted to do.  FINALLY the day came.  Found the perfect place and was so excited to move out.  I now had my place I felt so grown up. Come to find I really did not think I had to now support myself. Groceries, Laundry, Gas, and anything else I needed I did not have my mom anymore.  But I am a big girl I knew I could do it myself.  No Biggy!! 

      You have no idea how much I loved being on my own.  It was so much fun!  Meeting new people, making my own dinner, going out, doing my own thing.  I really was enjoying myself.  The world is such a different place when you don't live in the comfort of your family.  As the year went by I learn many lifes lessons, I became really smart. 

        These past few weeks I've had a weird feeling come over me. I came home to visit my mom, and yes i did not live that far away from home. but it was not down the hall from my mom and dad or brothers.  As I was home, I walked into my bedroom and a fluid of memories and love hit me like a brick.  I thought I really need to be home. And that feeling has not left me for weeks. So I decided for the summer it would be best if I moved home. 

   Im really excited to move home!  I can't wait to be in my own sanctuary, my havan my space.  Like I've said you don't really appriciate what you have until its gone. 


Friday, February 25, 2011

its something to tweet about

Twitter!! if you have not heard of it where have you been Mars?  I cant get enough of it I think it is fantastic! Don't get me wrong I will forever love facebook I am an addict, I swear just like the next person every extra breathing moment I spend reading everyones status updates pictures and stuff.  But I'm crazy for twitter!!! I think it is so much fun, it a speedy, quick way of letting your friends and followers know what your doing or feelings.  I also love that you can follow celebraties!!! All my favorite people from Kim K to Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and more!  There are so many ways of keeping connected these days lets just add it to the list! I want to do every one one of them.  Anything is possible these days with all this new  mobile stuff.  Its just amazing.  Twitter is fun and exciting. If you dont have an account i urge you to get one!  Any you can follow me! :)   xoxo 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.... its never to late!

2011 where did that come from right? Who knows but it is a new year and what do people do best this time of year?  Set new goals! yeah for goals!!! But this year I have taken it to a whole new level.  I'm not having a New Years Resolution.  I took it one step farther and made it 10X better!! And I did it all by accident! So brief story to keep you on the same page.  Mom, Me and Lacia went to breakfast Christmas Eve morning at Jims Famiy Resturant.  We were chatting away about this and that.  I was sharing how this year I am totally going to be into cooking, I really want to start collecting cook books, and I want Jamie Olivers food Revolution cookbook because it just looks healthy and fantastic!  ah whoo saying that we then moved onto talking about resolutions.  I was was super excited to share mine I just blurted out  " I'm going to have a New Years  REVOLUTION!!!  haha i did not even catch myself and went on continuing about what im going to improve on, such as sleep and eating , excersice and mom and lacia just started laughing.  I was confused.  They said we love it a Revolution so much better then a resolution.  So it kinda just stuck! from then on it will always be a revolution. Makes it sound more offical your taking everything by the butt last year and whippin it into shape taking over, 2010 does not even no what hit it.  BOOM 2011!!! its going to be a great year!!

So before I leave you I'll share some of my new goals
1.more sleep- weekdays bed by 9:30-10:00 by the latest.(so i can party all weekend!! haha)
2. eat more healthy- I was doing so good for a long time, then i kinda slipped up a little time to get on track.
3.excersice-  back to my Yoga class i miss, and now my bestie ever Sydney can come with me, more modivation!!!
4. Cook-no more eating out, cookbooks cookbooks, cookbooks im going to become a master chief.
5.- blog and FB more- keep my blog fresh and updated as well as FB!! because my social life depends!!
6. budget- Enough said.......

I think that is all right now but that pretty much covers the basics and will improve my life wonders!!! im so excited for the year to come its going to be great!

til next time

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

daddie just bought a brand new car....

ok so yesterday Lacia and I were eating lunch watching My Super Sweet 16...  Or whatever its called. Its the t.v. show on MTV about 16 yr old kids planning the most bomb'n, sweetest, bestest most expensive birthday parties.   This show is ridiculous to the max!  These kids take over they dont care how much money they spend. What matters is if they have the best party ever!  They go all out, personal party planners, personal stylist, inviting the whole school to the party, oh and the best part the icing on the cake they get a car.  Oh no not your typical first car for a 16yr old.  NO No they are to pretty for that. No they ask daddie for a Mercedes, Range Rover, Ferrari,Lamborgini.  haha my first car maybe cost as much as one of those leather seats in those cars.  I just think that is uncalled for for someone that young their car to be something that expensive and nice.  I mean lets think about it.... whats going to happen to that car in about a week?  oh i know !   daddie little girl is going to smash it into the back of someone driving down state street. and it wont be her fault either.  I just think that giving a car like that and a party where your cake is cover in pure gold frosting is CRAZY !  Your giving your kids the wrong idea about life and what they expect from it.  I think its fine to have a party, yes please lets party i love party.  But lets be real people...... any who  thats my thought xoxo

Friday, November 5, 2010

chocolate chip cookie disaster

chocolate cookie Disaster!!!
I am so sad are you ready for a sad sad story....?  Okay so I all week long  I have not wanted to really work out, I just dont have the energy for some strange reason.  So today I skipped the gym and decieded not to go, (well real reason is brittany forgot to bring her swimsuit so we could not do laps and all i brought were my fatpants mens sweats to work.) So i went home thinking maybe later i would go to yoga.  Well instead i got the urge to make cookies!!! ive been craving them lately and to be plain honest i think my period is going to start because im constantly munching on something need something in my mouth.    So  krys was watching t.v. i thought i would make cookies.  Now i dont mean to brag or anything at all but im just saying.  My cookies are some of the best things ever! im really good at it and i just enjoy it, but let me tell you i cant bake anything else that good, i promise ive tried.   So back to my cookies,  I use the toll house cookies coco chips and normal flour , baking soda and salt, plus sugar, brown suger and vanilla and eggs.  so then i combined everything together, blended and all, mixed in the chocolate chips and made sure the oven had heated up to 350 degrees.  I then scooped the cookie dough onto the tray and POPPED them in the oven for roughly 14 mins, i just watch until they are golden brown then i take them out.   So I did exactly that same thing i always do. 14 mins go by i take my cookies out, so freakin excited to eat them i cant even hardly resist.  And wait something is wrong, they are the right color but way to puffy...... what did i do? i scrapped them off the cookie sheet and onto a plate. Let them cool down a bit and pulled one apart.   They were so strange, they did not even taste good.   I was heartbroken my cookies i wanted so bad.  I could not even eat them. sad sad sad i want to cry so hard.   I have never messed up on them before i read and reread all the ingrediants and instructions i did not miss a thing i know it by heart.   So i sat there and forced myself to eat one. Tasted to me as if i put to much flour in or not enough of anything else.  I also think it make a difference what type of butter you use.  i used a soften in a tube i cant belive its not  butter, because that is all we have,  no sticks and i think that matters.  So sadly i had to through alot away today all the dough and 12 cookies that cant be eaten.  So I did not get my cookies and I was sad so i just went to bed and had to force myself to eat food.  Well its not the end of the world there will be other chances to make cookies again and again and again.  so in the future i will not mess up again,I think i have learned my lesson.  Take things slow and right and you will have good outcomes.  
Til next time much love xoxo

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the Adventures of the B.A.B's

This Is a Little Story of How the B.A.B  became the B.A.B!!!

So this May I decided I wanted to move away from home.  Thought it was about time to become more independent and stuff ya know.  I had been out of High school for a year and had just been living at home.  I was really excited to have a place of my own, meet new people and have an AWEsome social life!!  My mom and I went APT hunting and I found the best deal of all the places we looked... And we looked everywhere.. well almost everywhere, everywhere that met my standards of living :D  I signed a contract with Winterhaven APT and that was the deal  move in day was May 5th Cinco de Mayo!!! I only had to wait a couple weeks until I could move in.   So I was going to move in with my dearest friend Josie Everett, but then she was given an amazing opportunity to go on a service mission to Ecuador.  So then that kinda mixed up my plans on having a roommate....... sad day.  But now worries  when one door closes  1000 other doors open and bring new people new places.  So I moved into an apartment not knowing any of the other 7 girls I would be living with...... da da da that could be a scary experience right  way to many girls.  hahaha 
So for the first half of the month there were only 2 other girls living with me.  I was so sad, I thought to myself "really this is how my summer is going to be, they don't even talk to me and half the time they are not even home!"  I was extremely bumbed about the whole situation and thought as soon as the summer is over I'm moving home!  
Then the best thing happened,  I came home from work one day  later in the evening and there was movement in the APT!! ahhh  who could it be? a new girl?   so I walked back to my room and the door across the hall from me was opened and the light was on!!  I was so excited I did not know what to do!!  Well of course we know what did happen but at the moment I was alittle caught in my footsteps.  I walked into the room and saw a brown haired (with blue and blond highlight) brown eyed 5 ft girl (how tall is Krystal?) standing in her room.  I introduced myself and I instantly became friends with Krystal Dunbar!! we hit it off, instant BBFs hahaha. 
 So probably a month went by and there was one last empty room left in our apt, I had finally got a roommate her name is Meagan Andersen, who I love dearly.. but there still was a mystery  who was going to live in the last private bedroom.  Then it happened again I came home from work and the room at the end of the hall the door was OPENED!!!  ah yes another girl!!  the third and but not last girl of the future B.A.B had moved in Lacia Scarpino!!  I have to be honest her and I did not hit it off (if you ask her haha she thought I did not like her.)  but how could I not like her she is Italian haha im in love with her!!  Now our summer would be complete. the three of us ruled the back half of the apt and all got along very well.  Now that I have informally introduced you to us all  let me tell the beginning of the picture at the top of the blog.  
Krys one day told us of her bucket list her friend made here awhile back and told us a couple of the things she needed to do before she died.  We at that moment decided we need a list of our own of things we should do this summer.  So I found this really cool old window at one of my favorite little stores and brought it home and cleaned it up.  We then began to fill the list of crazy fun things to do!!!  80's night, breathe fire, 24 hours with no sleep, camping, road trip, one day speaking with a British accent....etc. the list went on and on we finally had to stop it somewhere or we were not going to have enough time to finish it all!  Let me tell you we almost finished every single one of them up on the list!  Our summer has to go down in history as THE BEST SUMMER EVER!!  So this is how we became who we are and what we will be!!  More and more crazy dangerous adventures are yet to come.   until next time