Friday, June 17, 2011

the beginning of summer '11

Drive in Movies!!!
 So its always been on my bucket list to go to a drive in movie! Ive been when I was little but I really dont remember it very much I think we watch the movie The Mask with Jim Carrey..... not sure.  Any ways so this summer there is a list of things I want to do and at the very top movie night.   So me and my girls went last weekend up to Salt Lake. Got the pick up truck and all the blankets and pillows,treats and drinks we would need to watch TWO MOVIES!  We were all so excited we could not contain our bursting amounts of happiness.  The movies we chose to see were X-man and 4th Pirates of the Caribbean! I was thrilled and excited to see Captn' Jack on the big screen again.  Weather was on our side we thought as we pulled into the drive in. clear skys and a beautiful sun set, waiting anxiously for it to be dark so the movie could start.  One by one each screen began to play their own movies five other screens played many different movies.  Finally ours began and cheers of antisipated excitement came from our lips.  All seated comfy in our blankets we watched all the previews.  All of a sudden.... drip drip  drop.  I looked up into the sky and out of no where dark storms began to form... NOOOO this could not be happening, cant possibly rain out our perfect night of movies.  Lightning striked and thunder rolled across the sky.  Luckly the movie played on and we covered our heads with blankets to not get wet. Luckly  it only lasted for a few moments and blew over us and we were able to enjoy the rest of the movie........  but i guess things were not going to go our way sadly.  about half way through the movie out of no where our volume in our truck went dead.  Your kidding me right!!  THE CAR DIED!  FOR REALS! we still had one more movie to watch what were we going to do?  So we sat there and contiplated what to do thought we could ask some one to jump us inbetween movies and we would just listen closly to the cars around us.  One movie down, a car to jump and one more movie to watch. I asked the guy next to us if he could jump our truck and of course he said he could.  after a few to many tries finally the car fired up and ran like a charm!!! yeah for us!!!  So the guy told us that every once and while go back and turn the car on so the battery can recharge and last longer.  So now you would think that our worries were gone right........ WRONG. so apparently when the car battery dies and gets jump on again it locks the radio so you cant turn it on! REALLY THATS DUMB!  so by the time we realized this pirates had already started.  So I tried for 25 mins of the movie to get the radio to work reading through the whole owners manual.  Couldnt find a thing.  It said you needed a special code. And by that time I was just so frusterated I didnt even want to finish the movie, i just wanted to go home.  So we packed up the car and drove away.  Half way down the road my friend said to me did you check the front of the book for the code. and of course sure enough there it was.  so i tried the code and the radio turned on.  we sat there for a minute and decided to go back and finised the movie.  drove in the exit and parked in our spot again.  So Through this whole thing I didn't get to see any of Pirates and I was kinda upset.  But I can go see it again.  But what a night something we wont forget and will look back on years from now and laugh.  Stay tune to the rest of my summer adventures this year.  They might just get more exciting!!!

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